Your Personal Protective Purifier

Realize ….that a mask doesn’t completely protect you from other people. This does! Get yours now!

pureAir SOLO is a sleek, wearable air purifier that creates a safe personal breathing zone by repelling particles from your breathing space. Using ion-based active air technology, pureAir SOLO creates a 4 ft. clean-air zone, or bubble, reducing your exposure to pathogens like mold spores, bacteria, and viruses, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which include harmful chemicals. This means those people who have respiratory issues, chemical sensitivities, and those that are in and around people who are sick, are protected. Once you begin wearing it, you will immediately begin breathing in safe , clean air.

Wear pureAir SOLO when you are exposed to indoor or outdoor air pollution. Effectively repel allergens , allowing allergy sufferers to enjoy the outdoors and pets. Visit friends and family or attend public gatherings without the negative effects of others’ perfumes, colognes, or lotions. Reduce your risk while traveling or in crowds.

pureAir SOLO delivers all-day protection with a rechargeable battery providing over 24 hours of use per charge. It includes a micro USB charging cable and a breakaway neck cord for comfort and convenience.

SGD199.00 (GST Included)