What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is a popular beauty approach that uses lights to reach the skin’s deepest layers for a more revitalising look. It consists of Red, Green, and Blue Light that boost your skin’s blood flow, collagen stimulation, detoxification process, and so much more.

Beauty Light Therapy

With our Dr Muller Beauty Light Therapy devices, we provide a unique combination of Red, Green and Blue Light sources to rejuvenate, smoothen, and detoxify your skin.

Experience a unique way of improving your health, skin and beauty with this scientifically proven therapy.

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Benefits of Red Light

1. Renews Collagen and Elastin Fibres for a Brighter SkinBy reaching the deepest layer of the skin, red light reactivates the production of collagen for increased collagen and elastin proteins. This results in a brightening effect that enhances the skin’s original lustre.2. Diminishes Fine Lines & WrinklesStudies have indicated that exposing skin to red light jump-starts collagen and elastin’s cell renewal process. This results in the reduction of visible fine lines and wrinkles while improving overall skin complexion, texture, and firmness.3. Wound Healing and Tissue RepairRed light at 633 nanometres promotes wound healing and tissue repair. The red light penetrates the skin and increases the rate of cellular regeneration. Light at this wavelength reconstructs fibroblasts, keratinocytes and modulation of immune cells. Meaning, injuries and injured skin tissue recover at a much faster rate.4. Releases Happy HormonesLight exposure boosts Serotonin (happy hormone) production, resulting in a happier and more energetic feeling. This is why people also tend to have a better mood during summer.5. Reduces CellulitesRed light therapy reduces cellulite by eliminating cellulite-causing toxins and by reducing fats within the connective tissue.

Benefits of Green Light

1. Lighter and Smoother skinMelanin is the pigment that causes dark spots on your skin. This pigment absorbs green light emitted from beauty light therapy devices, resulting in broken down melanin particles for a clearer and smoother-looking skin.2. Decreases Spider Veins and RosaceaGreen light causes blood vessel under your skin to disappear, resulting in a lesser amount of spider veins and rosacea.3. Reduction of Hyperpigmentation and Age SpotsGreen light from beauty light therapy devices reduces blemishes and creates a barrier that will protect your skin against similar blemishes in the future.4. Relieves PainGreen light eases muscle stiffness and works as a pain reliever in cases of rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pain.5. Wound Healing and Tissue RepairLike Collagenic and Blue Skin Light, Green Light likewise has wound and tissue repair capabilities. It provides a sterilising function for cell growth, enabling your skin to have enough nutrients to repair the affected area.

Benefits of Blue Light

1. Effective in Treating AcneBlue Skin Light is UV-free. What makes it an effective acne treatment tool is due in part, of how it destroys bacteria that causes skin irritations. Researchers and aestheticians likewise advise using blue light in treating acne.1. Prevents oily skinOily skin is the term used to describe the increased production of sebum, which is also caused by an imbalance in hormones. Blue Skin Light reduces the activity of the sebaceous gland so that it does not produce as much oil.2. Reduces BlackheadsBlue light is also used to treat blackheads. As blue light penetrates the skin, it likewise kills bacteria that causes blackheads. Your body discards the waste, leaving you with unblocked pores and of course blemish free.3. Effective Treatment for Eczema and PsoriasisSeveral studies indicate that blue light can be useful in treating skin inflammations like eczema and psoriasis by suppressing the cells that cause them. Over several sessions, these cells calm down, and the physical symptoms become much less visible.4. Release of the Happy HormoneLike Collagenic Light and Bright Skin Light, Blue Skin Light boosts the production of the happy hormone Serotonin. You can get rid of negative feelings by adding a light therapy session into your weekly routine.

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